We’re a group of friends and musicians who share a passion for music from video games. Some of us have been playing music on YouTube for a long time, and others have not, but one thing that we all share is the desire to come together and make music!

Our goal is to provide a platform to connect people from around the world and to help each other learn and grow as musicians. Along the way, we’ll arrange and play great songs from all of our favorite video games. We hope that you’ll join us on our journey. We have many videos coming.

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Alex Seewald


🇬🇧 Manchester
Truman Wilson


🇺🇸 Portland, OR
Alex Price

"Run on Music"

🇺🇸 New Orleans, LA
Jone Ruiz

"Jone Ruiz Guitar"

🇺🇸 Wisconsin
Joshua Garofolo

Trustee — "Joshua Garofolo Guitar"

🇺🇸 Orange Country, CA, USA
Cecil Chau

from "GuitarSVD"

🇨🇦 Vancouver
Isaac Ensing
🇨🇦 Vancouver
Patrick “The Wonder Broom”


🇺🇸 New York State
Eloi LeBreux

Jazz student

🇨🇦 Québec
Kyle Throw

from "8-string VGM"

🇺🇸 Denver, CO
Saul Hernandez


🇺🇸 California
Alex “Kira”


🇳🇱 Amsterdam
Yannick Robert

from "Guitar Fable"

🇨🇦 Magog, Québec
Lucas Friche


James Perretta

Strings master

Yaya Piano
🇦🇺 Australia, Sydney


🇵🇲 Saint-Pierre & Miquelon


🇺🇸 Chicago, IL