(a.k.a. TCP)


To provide a free-to-use platform to connect musical artists from all over the world to collaborate on projects, to create and share experiences. This enhances visibility of individual artists and provides content for interested parties to enjoy.


Music is an unlimited source of joy, ideas and inspiration and brings out the best in peoples’ creativity. Musical artists anywhere and of any caliber should be able to share ideas and find others to collaborate with and create musical experiences.


The Collab Playground was originally set-up by Alex Seewald as a platform for friends to help with organising ideas to create musical content on. It’s free for everyone to use and does not, and will never have profit as an incentive for existing. 

The intention of TCP is to encourage fun and creativity but also to promote exposure of all the projects developed through TCP as an one-for-all and all-for-one effort.

For the foreseeable future we do not expect any monetisation. Every transaction to and from the organization will be transparent to members. Proceeds to the organization will be used for the maintenance, marketing and continuity of the organisation and contributing to meaningful musical charities poll-voted by our participants.

Annual General Meeting or Exceptional General Meetings may be called to review this, and agree the general direction with members. 

Basic rules for participation on the platform:

Project Content Rules:

  • All content generated through the Collab Playground platform, must be in line with the terms of service of the release platform.
  • The content created via the Collab Playground platform will be posted on the Collab Playground YouTube channel with referral and light branding to individual channels of participants.
  • Content will not portray Collab Playground or other users of the platform in any negative way, shape or form.

Platform Communication Rules

  • Participants must communicate respectfully towards each other.
  • Private issues are not to be discussed on the channel.
  • Doxing (providing real names or information traceable to a real name, others than yourself) on the platform will not be tolerated.
  • Collab Playground will not act as a mediator if there are issues on a project or between participating parties.


Alex Seewald


🇬🇧 Manchester
Truman Wilson


🇺🇸 Portland, OR
Joshua Garofolo

Trustee — "Joshua Garofolo Guitar"

🇺🇸 Orange Country, CA, USA
Patrick “The Wonder Broom”


🇺🇸 New York State
Alex “Kira”


🇳🇱 Amsterdam